After a wash out earlier in the year, this time we’re playing for keeps!
Lucas Davidson
Anna John
Matt Bromhead
Ben Terakes
Jodie Whalen
Beth Dillon
Therese Keogh
Belem Lett
Rebecca Gallo
Hana Hoogedeure
Chris Dolman
Kate Beckingham
‘Home ground advantage’ will use the natural tree lined borders of Tillman Park sports field to frame the 12 exhibiting artist’s work within the context of fair play and community spirit. This project combines these themes by recognising a similarity between the balance of togetherness and competitiveness fostered in team sports and that of an arts community, and also simply the act of artistic experimentation being similar to play.
By holding this exhibition in a public park, the project hopes to welcome an audience of friends and family, artists and spectators, children, dogs and passers by, much like that of a grass roots, amateur weekend sporting match.
Please join us at Tillman Park, Sydenham on Saturday the 17th of November from 12 – 3 PM
There will be a BBQ and some beers provided by Yulli’s Brewery
This project is an extension of the Twenty Thirty Seven exhibition series which was originally staged in a share house in Glebe in 2015.
We acknowledge that this project will take place on Gadigal land, and pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present.

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