Marc Etherington – ‘Tower of Ts’ 2014. In situ at the home of Dara Gill

At Home

6-8pm Wednesday Oct 28

Eleven Sydney based artists select a small artwork they have acquired from a fellow artist. Some of the artworks were fully paid for, others were bartered and a few were gifts. Many have been ‘lived’ with for a long time and were acquired early on in the career of the artist. Very few of them reflect the owners artistic practice but all of them have a story attached.

Shown within the domestic gallery setting of twentythirtyseven, this one night only event showcases these artworks often hidden in the eleven artists living and working spaces.

Bonita Bub selected a work by Claire Milliage
John A Douglas selected a work by Emma Price
Belem Lett selected a work by Paul Williams
Sarah Mosca selected a work by Todd McMillian
Dara Gill selected a work by Marc Etherington
Kate Scardifeild selected a work by Will French
Frances Barrett selected a work by Shane Haseman
Deborah Kelly selected a work by Sekar Puti
Marian Tubbs selected a work by Laura Peacock
Todd McMillan selected a work by Richard Lewer
Chris Dolman selected a work by Kailana Sommer

Curated by Dara Gill


at home 9

At Home, Installation view, 2015

at home 8

L-R: Marc Etherington, Lauren Peacock (wall), Sekar Puti, Clare Milledge

at home 10

L-R: Tod McMillan, Kailana Sommer, Paul Williams




at home 3

Richard Lewer

at home 1

Emma Price

at home 4

Will French

at home 5

Clare Milledge

at home 6

Sekar Puti

at home 7

Marc Etherington

at home 11

L Todd McMillan, R Kailana Sommer

at home 12

Paul Williams



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